Structural elements of the living matter and nature of cancer

Čtvrtek 20 leden 2011

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Garilc extraction

Čtvrtek 20 leden 2011

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Israeli specialists and scientists have developed the equipment, technology and composition for manufacturing principally new 100% natural liquid products from phytogenic raw materials. These materials possess a powerful bio-energetic potential having a beneficial effect on human life and the life of other biological objects.The process of manufacturing consists of extracting from phytogenic raw materials (vegetables, fruit, herbs, leaves) their intercellular and intr... Číst dále

Theory of cancer, New Directions in Onkology

Čtvrtek 20 leden 2011

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New Directions in Onkology   By: Michael Kutushov MD., Ph.D. Hugh efforts are made today by scientists all over the world to understand and document the mechanisms of proteins that cause cancer, in order to find appropriate medicines.A research work of years and a revolutionary theory about the causes and origins of cancer are the basis to a novel approach for treating the disease. The Theory The theory, published by Dr. Kutushov in a series of articles and a book (in the Russian l... Číst dále

Dissymmetric (anysotropic) therapy of malignant new formations

Čtvrtek 20 leden 2011

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New trend in oncology Ethiology and pathogenesis of malignant new formations in the light of a new theoryThe goal of each scientist consists in asking the right question, finding the answer and trying to simplify it as much as possible. Scientific thought is not remaining static, but approaches to that strange pathology are always standard. In our opinion this road is not quite right. In model experiments cancer cells behave as their researchers have planned them to. The main mistake m... Číst dále

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