Dissymmetric (anysotropic) therapy of malignant new formations

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Čtvrtek 20 leden 2011

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New trend in oncology

Ethiology and pathogenesis of malignant new formations in the light of a new theory

The goal of each scientist consists in asking the right question, finding the answer and trying to simplify it as much as possible. Scientific thought is not remaining static, but approaches to that strange pathology are always standard. In our opinion this road is not quite right. In model experiments cancer cells behave as their researchers have planned them to. The main mistake made by scientists consists in the fact that they are trying to explain difference and similarity of cancer and benign cells which are non-congruent from one and the same point of view. Inoculated tumor represents a kind of a prosthetic appliance which can be easily put on and put off. In the organism when it appears and develops independently everything occurs in a different way. True cancer represents a systemic disease, and due to that fact it is impossible to get rid of it without disclosing its true nature. New formations strike practically all the living creatures irrespective of the level of their organization. They occur with plants, corals and mammals. It cannot be excluded that one-celled organisms and even viruses are subjected to that disease. In our opinion disturbances in subordination hierarchy of resonance structures came before cancer occurrence. Lower order elements enter into conflict with higher order ones, causing disturbances in feedback, changes in structures and shapes formation at tissue and system levels. Cancer can be considered as a general biological problem as it can in no way fit the framework of usual diseases. Cancer represents something global, and, hence, approaches to its secrets must be at a corresponding level. Cancer causes "sliding" of somatic cells and tissues down the evolution stages for several million years back. In the process of searching for cancer causes we have incidentally discovered fundamental geometrical and physical causes of cell mitosis (division), set forwards the hypothesis of pre-biologic evolution. All the living is known to consist of 80-90 % of water and 
16 % of protein.
We have made a supposition that this hydro-protein complex (HPC) lives its own life and interacts with genetics and biochemistry in resonance frequency-specific ranges. This complex is subjected to constant autowave oscillations characteristic to the given individual and serving as a physical cause for cell mitosis. From the Pasteur times it is known that the living differs from the non-living only in asymmetry and ability of light polarization. In non-living nature crystals possess the ability to polarize light, that's why the assumption has been made that living organisms are derivatives of crystals, quasi-crystals, aperiodic crystals and follow the same laws. Crystals have been divided into 32 symmetry classes and 7 types of crystal systems. It is only the living that possesses 5 symmetry axes. According to outer cutting living creatures possess 3 main symmetry kinds: spherical, radial and bilateral (or chiral). We have made a supposition that in the place where one or another symmetry kind disappears, cancer can occur. From the start of embryogenesis clusters of substances, microelements, proteins, etc. appear and function in tissues being positioned in tissues (in HPC) in the form of information networks or crystalline structures of different crystal systems. Cavity embraced by them serves as the unit of local homeostasis. Cavities occurring in cubic crystal systems due to their geometry are able to cause the appearance of D-aminoacids and, as a consequence, incomplete protein folding leading to uncontrolled cell division. These structures do not coincide with the known morpho-functional units of the organism and serve for synchronizing the activities of organs, systems and the organism on the whole. Cancer is mainly characterized by the transition of normal crystal systems in these crystalloid structures into cubic crystal systems and, as a consequence, disappearance of symmetry and decrease in the degree of asymmetry in tissues of living organisms. With the presence of a great number of free radicals and after action of cancerigenic factor, primary disturbance of feedback in proteins occurs between close- and far-distance ranges in lattices. These disturbances are, in its turn, stipulated by hypothetical photo-chemical reaction between glycine and L-triptophan causing incomplete (or distorted) folding of protein structures. In the terms of colloid physics this means inability of proteins to transit from gel into an allotropic form. We can put forward a supposition and come up with a number of indirect evidences that this inability depends on triptophan-dependent polypeptide chains. According to our theory initial stage of photosynthesis similar to that of plant cells occurs during cancer degeneration of cells and tissues. Or, in other words, cancer represents the occurrence of an ancient symmetrical "cubic" form of life in an asymmetrical organism. Asymmetric therapy (AST) used by us regenerates it in tissues harboring cancer.

Cancer classification in the light of a new theory

In accordance with our theory cancer development stages are as follows:
1. Isochromatic stage It is characterized by appearance of isochromatia after disturbances in protein folding and transition of tissue crystalloid structures into cubic crystal systems. (Isochromatia means equal colors. Isochromatia means one color or acceptance by tissues of one color). At that moment there are no visible morphological changes in tissues but they are ready to become malignant.

2. Isotropic stage. (Isotropy means equal direction. This is the property to transfer heat, electric current equally along all directions). At this stage cancer region sucks in some elements and throws out other ones. At this stage cells become malignant but they are small in number.

3. Dissociate stage. Proliferation stage. At this stage rapid growth of tumor occurs, vessels grow into it and remote metastatic spread takes place. This stage corresponds to the second and third stages in the generally accepted classification.

4. Stage of critical values. This is the stage when joint components of cancer: tumor size, its metabolites, toxins, etc., start to prevail over the organism forces. It corresponds to the fourth stage in the international classification.

Mechanism of IR-range action on the living matter

X-rays used in oncology for disintegrating cancer cells damage normal ones as well. Radiation fully penetrates all tissues and touches the structures participating in cancer process only partially. It is more logical and safer to apply radiation closer to that which the living matter emits. Power of human IR-radiation is equal to 50-100 Wt. Hence, wavelength for treatment should be not longer than that which is produced by the living object itself. But at the same time, the wavelength should be of such a size that permits to equalize the speeds of photochemical reactions and to restore protein folding. It was necessary to create a ceramic material with the predetermined properties able to absorb electromagnetic radiation of a large spectrum and to emit only in a very narrow long-wave IR-range spectrum. Ceramic transformers can be used for treating any pathology. Transformation process in ceramics is an autocatalytic one and starts immediately after switching the radiation source on. In this case general energy of the system increases. After reaching the saturation point or energy barrier the system returns to the initial energy condition with isolation of the absorbed energy in the form of a certain quantum having a determined wavelength. The length of one energy "outburst" is equal to 1/100 microseconds. The wavelength should be within the range of 8 to 50 mcm. Only monochromatic radiation in the given spectral region should be generated. The treating effect of IR-radiation consists in the following: the first pulse (its power equals to 320 Wt/cm2, length 10 microseconds) creates free radicals of ionized water along its front; the second pulse (13 microseconds) connects them with free radicals in the cancer tumor or recombination into superoxides and lipids occurs. As a result, stable local system is being formed for a sufficiently long period of time which is able to eliminate free radicals with high activation energy.
The device "asymmetrator" has the goal of normalizing protein folding and regeneration of cancer cubic crystal systems into normal ones. Pulse, sent by the device (asymmetrator) is rather short (million fractions of a second) and powerful. After its action binding of free radicals occurs as well as phase transition of tissue crystalloid structures into normal crystal systems. This causes normalization of local homeostasis and, as a consequence, cancel cells involution.

Perspectives for development

1. During a number of years DST-therapy has shown itself as a very effective and absolutely safe method for treating different kinds of cancer.
2. It can be used as an accompanying therapy together with chemical and x-ray treatment.
3. At present we use not all the potential of DST.


1. Due to the fact that the device-assymetrator is effective with different kinds of cancer, it can be assumed that the theory of incomplete protein folding and disturbances in photochemical reactions is correct.
2. DST-therapy is the safest and the mosr effective means in fighting all kinds of cancer.

MD.Ph.D Kutushov M.




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