Theory of cancer, New Directions in Onkology

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Čtvrtek 20 leden 2011

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New Directions in Onkology


By: Michael Kutushov MD., Ph.D.

Hugh efforts are made today by scientists all over the world to understand and document the mechanisms of proteins that cause cancer, in order to find appropriate medicines.
A research work of years and a revolutionary theory about the causes and origins of cancer are the basis to a novel approach for treating the disease.

The Theory

The theory, published by Dr. Kutushov in a series of articles and a book (in the Russian language), puts the  emphasize on understanding, diagnosing and correcting the  biophotonics chemical mechanism of cells, proteins and their counter relationships. Problems in this mechanism of the photoactive, especially photo-chrome reactions, are responsible, according to the theory, to the initiation and development of cancer. This can be seen in right side optical quality of amino acids.

Suggested Treatment

The suggested treatment would be designed then with the target in mind, to allow repairing the mal-functioning proteins that block proper communication of cancer cells and causing them to grow in an uncontrolled manner. Instead, we should be able, using the right drug, to force the proper chemical signals between cells and as a result, to stop creating new cancer cells and letting the existing ones die, not affecting the healthy cells. This can be seen in left side optical quality of amino acids

The Medicine

The practical results of this research are a series of chemicals that can be used to address the problems mentioned above, reversing the disease development process, and fully eliminating the origins of cancer. It is expected that the medicine will stop development of new cancer cells, gradually reduce existing tumors, have as little as possible side effects, and minimal toxicity. Tests made with these chemicals, to determine the right ones to be approved and used as a medicine, concluded with extremely positive results.

In Vitro Testing

The chemicals that came to testing, and are designated to be used as a medicine later on, should be qualified with specific properties  doing the work using a very low dosage, producing almost no side effects, and being completely non-toxic. After a series of tests that determined the efficacy of each chemical (in-vitro) and comparing it both to control group and to regular chemo-therapy, in regular dosage, two chemicals (designated in the tests as "D" and "E") came with very clear, amazingly positive results.

In Vivo Testing

Further tests (in vivo, mice) for toxicity showed that "D" had some toxicity in high dosage while "E" had no toxicity at all at any dosage, and is highly effective as an anti-cancer drug. "E" has the approval of the FDA for different treatment.
The chemical "E" is in the process of being patented, and some other chemicals that may be appropriate, according to the theory, are waiting to be tested and analyzed.A large part of existing cancer diseases can be affected - stopped, reversed, and cured by these new medicines and method, based on this theory.

Treating Patients

In clinics in Germany and Russia, where it is allowed to treat patients with any drug that they give their consent to, the medicine was given to a few patients with prostate cancer and breast cancer.A treatment of 2 to 6 weeks showed amazing results: extreme redaction in tumor size, disappearance of tumor in some cases, total improvement in blood tests and patient general health and feeling. No side effects were noticed, and it is left to watch the continuation of recovery in the medium and long term.




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