Garilc extraction

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Čtvrtek 20 leden 2011


Israeli specialists and scientists have developed the equipment, technology and composition for manufacturing principally new 100% natural liquid products from phytogenic raw materials. These materials possess a powerful bio-energetic potential having a beneficial effect on human life and the life of other biological objects.

The process of manufacturing consists of extracting from phytogenic raw materials (vegetables, fruit, herbs, leaves) their intercellular and intracellular liquid without damaging their biological structure. The matter extracted is solely the liquid plasma of the plants, which is a colorless liquid with distinctive odor of the parent raw material, containing no cellulose, carbohydrates, coloring agents. Consequently the extracted liquid matter sustains long-term storage without any use of conserving agents, or thermal or chemical processing. In the process of liquid phase extraction we do not use any solvents, extractors, conserving agents, anticoagulants, colors, catalysts, aromatizers or any other synthetic chemical agent; thus it is a live naturally structured part of the plants, possessing a powerful bio-energetic potential.
Our liquid garlic product is an unique preparation in the market which contains 100% natural pure stable allycine, other vital sulfur-containing natural compounds, microelements and other bioactive agents, producing all the specter of the garlic healing qualities and instantly digested by the body. It is recommended for prevention and treatment of respiratory disorders, bronchitis, sinusitis, flu; it strengthens the immune system, efficiently clears the vessels, lessens the risk of heart and oncological diseases, lowers the level of triglycerides in the blood, is effective for skin diseases treatment etc. Formally the named products belong to the class of food supplements, so there is no certification for each product, but all of them are produced on the base of Permission of the Ministry of Health of Israel for their production according to the named technology. Our technology gives a required concentration of allycine with a year’s guaranty, within the range of 0.01 to 0.3 mg/ml. One of the produced garlic products is "Dissima".

In the year 1999 at the Migal Institute (Quiryat-Shmona) the medical treatment of fish by "Dissima" was studied. The purpose of studies was to show the efficiency of "Dissima" as compared with traditional antibiotics. The studies were conducted in two stages: first the antibacterial properties of allycine containing in "Dissima" were tested in vitro – for bacterial growth suppression. Then the in vivo tests were performed in aquariums with newly hatched fish. The experiment was conducted on two fish species: Guppi and Black Moor. The effect of "Dissima" was compared with the effect of antibiotics Oxitetracycline, Norfloxacine and Furazolidone. The fish was infected by bacteria: Aeromonas Salmonicida, Aeromonas Hidrofila and Myxobacteria. In all the tests the efficiency of "Dissima" in bacterial growth suppression was dozens of times higher than that of the antibiotics currently used in fish growing.

The industrial use of "Dissima" for Rembo trout growing at the fish farms in France in Chili where we have supplied it also showed positive results.

The users of "Dissima" certify: with antibiotics the loss of young trout run up to 70%. After changing from antibiotics to the natural product Dissima the loss was reduced to 30%, and the consumer quality of fish improved significantly.

A particular experiment was also performed in health improvement of broilers nestlings. The experiment involved 60 nestlings hatched in an incubator on one day. They were divided by random sampling into two groups – the tested group and the control group. The control group was grown by traditional methods with medication use, and the tested nestlings were treated with garlic liquid, by aerosolization of their feed, for two weeks after their birth. After two months the average weight of the tested broilers was 350gr. higher, and they developed better than the birds from the control group. Beside that, three nestling were lost in the control group, while in the tested group there were no losses.

As to the extent of originality of our technology and equipment, as well as to their world novelty, this is a very complicated question, because a great part of inventions (especially in the engineering field) in the world are not patented in order to avoid plagiarism and subsequent court charges. The authors mostly protect them in “Know-How” order, as we also do. However we can maintain with a high degree of probability that there are no more highly digestible liquid bioproducts in the market comparable with our products by their complex of healing qualities.

The existing production facilities are capable of yielding as much as 2 tons of liquid products per month, but if necessary, and as the business develops, these facilities may be expanded promptly enough to the required capacity, as Israel has all the necessary conditions for such operation.
For the production organization according to the proposed technology the standard equipment should be used, the same that is used at liquid foodstuff or medical products enterprises. All that should be produced in required number are the plants realizing the proposed technology of the phytogeneous raw materials dehydration with practically absolute utilization of its liquid fraction.

The main characteristics of one plant:

1. Dimensions: 650x1300x2300 (mm)
2. Weight: not more than 200 kg.
3. Power supply: 220v 50gertz line.
4. Power consumption: 4 kWt when reaching operating mode; not more than 1 kWt in operating mode. 
5. No environmental emissions during operation.
6. Amount of phytogeneous raw materials: 6-10 kg depending on the bulk density.
7. Amount of produced liquid material: 10-450 litres (depending on the degree of exponentiation).
8. Amount of dry material: 1-2 kg.
9. Duration of technological cycle: 16-20 hours.
10. The cost of one plant: $50,000. 

MD.Ph.,D. Kutushov.M.




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